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Tau Sights

At Luma village, see the tomb of the Tu'i Manu'a and other chiefly burials near the Sacred Water, or "royal pool" (dry). Also of interest is the cave of Ma'ava, the legendary giant.

There's a nice beach at Fagamalo Cove, halfway down the west coast south of Fusi.

From Fitiuta, it's possible to hike south along the coast into American Samoa's extraordinary national park.

Legend tells how the god Tangaloa created humans at Saua, a couple of km south of Fitiuata, and from here they colonized Polynesia.

Everything south of here is included in the national park. The track continues south to Tufu Point, around which are views of waves crashing into Ta'u's rocky, volcanic southern coast, where sheer volcanic cliffs soar in two or three steps to cloud-covered Mt. Lata.

It's possible to follow the shoreline a couple of km west to 450-meter-high Laufuti Falls, although fallen trees and huge rocks block the way in places. Beyond Laufuti, one must bushwhack.

Samoan Chief

Tu'i Manu'a

The Tu'i Manu'a, highest ranking chief of Eastern Samoa, was the last to sign a cession agreement with the U.S. (in 1904, four years after the chiefs of Tutuila signed). Before he died he willed that his title die with him, and to this day there has not been another Tu'i Manu'a. This photo was taken at Tau circa 1904.

© Photo: Jean P. Haydon Museum, Pago Pago

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