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Why are David Stanley's guidebooks different?

The essential difference between these handbooks and the myriad travel brochures free for the taking in airports and tourist offices all across the South Pacific is that these guides represent you, the traveler, while the brochures represent the travel industry.

Unlike many travel writers, David Stanley doesn't allow himself to be hosted by local tourist offices. While out researching his books he resists the temptation to obtain VIP treatment by announcing who he is. He prefers to arrive unexpected and uninvited, to experience things the way you will. He pays his own way and nothing in his books is designed to compensate the hospitality of hotels, restaurants, tour operators, airlines, or dive shops. Justified criticism is not conveniently left out, as it often is elsewhere.

This website has been developed using brief extracts from Stanley's books rather than information supplied by advertisers. Sites like this one can help you plan your trip. However, only the printed guidebooks themselves provide the comprehensive and independent hotel, restaurant, and transportation listings you'll need to make the most of your time and money.

Who is David Stanley?

David Stanley David Stanley has spent much of the past three decades on the road. He has visited 179 of the 193 United Nations member countries, crossing six continents overland. His travel guidebooks to the South Pacific, Micronesia, Alaska, Eastern Europe, and Cuba opened those areas to budget travelers for the first time.

During the late 1960s, David got involved in Mexican culture by spending a year in several small towns near Guanajuato. Later he studied at the universities of Barcelona and Florence, before settling down to get an honors degree (with distinction) in Spanish literature from the University of Guelph, Canada.

In 1978 Stanley linked up with future publisher Bill Dalton, and together they wrote the first edition of Moon Handbooks South Pacific. Since then, Stanley has gone on to write many additional travel guides, including Moon Fiji, Moon Tahiti, and Moon Handbooks Tonga-Samoa, plus early editions of Moon Handbooks Alaska-Yukon and Moon Handbooks Micronesia. He wrote the first three editions of Lonely Planet's Eastern Europe on a Shoestring, as well as the first two editions of their guide to Cuba and the first edition of Canada's Maritime Provinces. His books have informed a generation of budget travelers.

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