Gay Vanuatu

The Vanuatu specialist Small Guide Travel has launched a destination website to cater to the growing gay travel market. Gay Vanuatu provides information on gay/lesbian friendly resorts, and arranges "devotion ceremonies" for same sex couples.

There's not an active gay scene in Vanuatu, but resorts like Mangoes, Iririki Island, Sunset Bungalows, Breaka's, and Tamanu on the Beach have "adults only" policies which ensures privacy. Mangoes Resort was the first to specifically welcome same sex couples, and they offer amenities like private bungalow dining and in-house massage. Iririki Island Resort provides a range of day spa services.

The devotion ceremonies are tailored to individual needs, with a male or female celebrant and personalized wording of vows. The package includes a devotional certificate, bottle of French champagne, two massages, and two devotional leis. The romance can be enhanced by adding the mixing of sand, lighting of candles, and symbolic planting of a coconut palm. Photography, dinners, private picnics, tours, and sunset cruises are charged extra. (These devotion ceremonies are not legally binding.)

Small Guide Travel also caters to straight couples with websites like Honeymoon Vanuatu and Resort Weddings. The company's booking offices are in Brisbane and Auckland, and their tour desk in Port Vila can arrange picnics on Honeymoon Beach or at a local waterfall.

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