WiFi Service on Rarotonga

Telecom Cook Islands has installed WiFi (wireless fidelity) nodes at the Edgewater Resort, the Rarotongan Beach Resort, the Pacific Resort, the Telecom building, and Avarua Telepost shop, all on Rarotonga. Work is currently underway to extend the service to the departure lounge at Rarotonga International Airport and other hotels.

What this means is that anyone with a wireless-compatible laptop can access the internet without cables or phone lines from any of the above locations by purchasing a Prepaid WiFi Card from Telecom Cook Islands. The cards are priced from NZ$15 to NZ$64 depending on the volume of data to be transferred.

The South Pacific country with the most comprehensive WiFi access to date is Niue. The first wireless node was installed in Alofi in 2003, and by 2005 this had been extended to villages all around the island. The website of the Niue Internet Users Society provides more information.

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