FijiGuide.comRob Kay has revamped his popular website Rob used a Christmas holiday in Fiji to personally visit many of the properties listed on his site, and his online Fiji Islands Guide is now much improved with fresh restaurant and hotel listings. The site's Bulletin Board is a great place to ask Fiji-related questions as you don't need to register and Rob himself often dives in with expert advice.

For those who aren't familiar, Rob Kay wrote the first edition of Lonely Planet Fiji in 1986. Rob produced two more editions before Lonely Planet dumped him abruptly in 1997 after he refused to sell his copyright to the company. Since then, Lonely Planet has used “writers for hire” to update Fiji (and all their other books as well).

That's the difference: To land an assignment, the Lonely Planet updater must sign away all rights (including “moral rights”) and their interest in the work usually ends the moment the final installment of their fee is paid. In contrast, an author earning royalties (as Rob Kay used to do) has an ongoing interest in their book and the area it covers. Lonely Planet has to pay people to post their travel blogs, while Rob and I work for ourselves. A book's copyright notice always lists the real owner.

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