Air Nauru Purchases New Aircraft

The Government of Taiwan has come to rescue of Air Nauru with a US$10 million grant to purchase another aircaft to replace the Boeing 737 seized by the U.S. Import-Export Bank in December. Air Nauru is currently using a chartered Fokker F100 Twinjet to operate a weekly service from Australia to Honiara, Nauru, and Tarawa, and the new plane should make it possible to cut costs while returning to twice weekly flights and reestablishing service to Majuro and Nadi.

Initially Air Nauru attempted to repurchase their original aircraft from the Import-Export Bank, but this failed when the bank insisted that all outstanding loans on the plane be cleared before the sale could go ahead. The company has now turned to another supplier and hopes to have the new aircraft in operation within a month. Meanwhile, the Import-Export Bank is in the process of selling Air Nauru's former plane (which is being held in storage at Melbourne, Australia) to other parties.

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