Fiji Me, Mate

The Fiji Visitors Bureau has paid $102,000 to measure the success of their marketing slogan, "the truly relaxing tropical getaway". After extensive research in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, the Bureau's consultants have confirmed that Fiji really is perceived as the most relaxing vacation destination with the friendliest people. Surprise, surprise.

Now the Bureau wants a new image, and their cluey Australian advertising agency has come up with a beaut: "Fiji Me". No doubt, an in-your-face slogan like Fiji Me will motivate young Aussies to go and get Feejeed. Watch for the new ads in June.

However I still prefer Fiji's old brand, "the way the world should be". Of course, that image went down the drain with that Rabuka coups in 1987, yet for me personally, Fiji will always be the way the world should be. Fiji Me, mate. Bula vinaka.

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