Nagigia Island For Sale

Until recently, the Nagigia Island Resort on Denham Island off the west end of Kadavu Island in Fiji was for safe for US$6,500,000. Well, on August 3, 2008, I received an email from the new directors, Steve Marshall/Pia Jensen/Harley Jones, informing me that the property "is no longer for sale and will be extensively upgraded to cater for 5 star accommodation." The new buyers have inherited two leases of unspecified duration as this is Fijian communal land which cannot be sold outright.

The resort's current investment page mentions that the portion of the island not occupied by the resort could be used for two additional sports resorts. Other development possibilities include 21 waterfront villa for which sublease titles have already been approved and 13 other potential lots.

The former Nagigia Surf Resort opened in April 2000 adjacent to one of the best surfing spots in Fiji, and there's also good scuba diving and deep sea fishing in the area. The resort managers have negotiated an exclusive surfing agreement with the traditional owners of the waters and winds at Nabukelevuira village on Kadavu. In Fiji, the Fijian clans control fishing rights on their reefs, and by extension, many also claim ownership of nearby surfing breaks and collect daily entry fees from surfers. Mount Washington (Nabukelevu) on Kadavu, directly opposite Nagigia, is a challenging all day climb (additional fee charged).

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