Shangri-La For Sale

Cook Islands CompanionThe selloff of South Pacific resort properties continues with Shangri-La Beach Cottages on Rarotonga up for sale at three million New Zealand dollars. The buyer will assume the remaining 51 years of a 60-year lease on this premium location on Rarotonga's Muri Beach.

Shangri-La is a creation of fellow guidebook writer Elliot Smith who moved to Rarotonga from California a decade ago. Elliot's Cook Islands Companion was published in 1991 and 1994, but went out of print after he entered the hotel business full time. Over the years, he built a dozen deluxe bungalows, a swimming pool, office, and personal residence. Elliot is regular source of valuable and unbiased travel advice on internet bulletin boards, where he is known to all as "Raro".

A lawyer by profession (and retired judge), Elliot is handling the sale of Shangri-La himself, and in true "Raro" fashion, he has set up a Resort for Sale Cook Islands website to advertise the property. It's an ideal opportunity for the right investor to escape to paradise, for a while, at least.

UPDATE: Elliot was successful in selling his resort and it's now called the Muri Beach Resort.

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