A South Sea Adventure

A South Sea AdventureThe publisher of A South Sea Adventure by Darla Zuhdi has sent me a copy with the request that I review it on this blog. This attractively designed 104-page book is part of a series intended for children seven and up. Zuhdi has written several other titles for Aloha Publications, earning recognition from humane societies for teaching the importance of helping homeless animals.

A South Sea Adventure tells the tale of Little One and Captain Spunky, a pair of cat detectives who sail to Bora Bora aboard The Wayward Wind. Along the way, they fish a toy poodle named Fifi from the sea. Later Fifi and the cats encounter a pair of captive Tasmanian parrots, Edgar and Oscar, on a Bora Bora beach. With the help of Pali, a Polynesian girl, the animals rescue the parrots from a greedy gang of pirates intent on selling them for a few gold coins. Then they track down Fifi's shipwrecked owners.

An appendix in the back of A South Sea Adventure includes bonus puzzles, games, and zany quotes along the lines of "Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and will get back to you later, if you're lucky." Parents considering taking their kids to the South Pacific will find this little book useful in generating interest in the trip. It's also well worth ordering the DVD of the outstanding TV series TakaPu, A Gannet in the South Seas, which I'll review in another post.

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