Solomon Islands Trade Directory

Solomon Islands Trade DirectoryThe 29th edition of the Solomon Islands Trade Directory is now online. This outstanding publication is published annually by B.J.S. Agencies Limited in Honiara, and the 2006 edition was financed by the European Union. Although the Trade Directory is primarily intended for the business community, travelers will also find it extremely useful. It's not easy to obtain reliable information about the Solomon Islands online, which makes this book/website so valuable. I always consult the Solomon Islands Trade Directory when I'm updating the Solomon Islands chapter in Moon Handbooks South Pacific.

The Directory's Business Climate page provides a political and economic overview of the Solomon Islands with clear statistical data. The story of how the People First Network has connected some of the most remote islands in the Pacific to the internet is remarkable. The Setting Up in Business page could save potential investors a lot of time and money. Geography and Geology is a virtual goldmine for students of the Solomon Islands. The Visiting and Setting Up Home offers valuable guidebook-style information for tourists and expatriates. The Useful Information page lists flights, hotels, and government departments. Anyone with the slightest interest in the Solomon Islands will want to bookmark the Trade Directory for future reference.

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