Zorb TongaSphere at Vavau

TongaSphereBen and Lisa Newton of the Aquarium Internet Cafe on Vavau, Tonga, have launched an activities operation called Vavau Adventures. Along with guided go-cart safaris and sailing dinghy rentals, they're offering a new activity called the TongaSphere (similar to a Zorb).

The TongaSphere is a clear vinyl ball four meters tall. Inside is a second, smaller plastic ball suspended by a thousand brilliantly colored cords which create an air cushion. Participants crawl inside the inner ball and spin down a hill in either dry harness or sitting upright in 20 liters of water! All this happens at a family picnic area and kid's park the company is developing just outside Neiafu.

Ben and Lisa only opened their internet cafe at the south end of Neiafu's yachtie strip in July, 2005, and not all of Vavau Adventures' activities are up and running as yet. Beginning in June, there will be jet-boating, wake-boarding, knee-boarding, waterskiing, tubing, and banana boat rides in Neiafu's Old Harbor and go-cart forays into Vavau's bush. It's quite likely that these noisy, high impact activities won't be popular with everyone. The three-person sailing dinghies or "flying coconuts" are more eco-friendly.

Updated on 26 February 2011: The TongaSphere is no longer offered but Vavau Adventures still organizes kart safaris and books accommodations.

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