Cook Islands Tourism Statistics

A friend in Australia recently sent me some detailed arrival figures for the Cook Islands. These show that about half those visiting the Cooks originate in New Zealand. Europe/UK comes second with 20 percent, then Australia with over 10 percent and the U.S.A. with five percent. Most of the New Zealanders and Europeans stay one week, and a larger proportion of the Australians and Americans stay two weeks. July to October are the most popular months to come.

The typical visitor is between 25 and 34 years of age. The New Zealanders tend to be somewhat older and the Europeans younger, and this is reflected in the type of accommodations selected. About half the New Zealanders stay at upscale hotels and resorts, while Europeans are by far the largest users of budget accommodations. Most Australians also arrive on hotel packages, but the Americans are evenly divided between hotels and less expensive self-catering motels.

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