Suva Market and Bus Station

The municipal market and bus station on the north side of downtown Suva, Fiji, are to be redeveloped to the tune of F$45 million in taxpayer dollars. I don't know if the bus station and market will be rebuilt on the same sites, but they're about busiest places in Suva, so any construction there will inevitably inconvenience a lot of people.

The current Suva Market is a colorful place, appearing first under "Sights" in the Suva chapter of Moon Handbooks Fiji. But as will be apparent to anyone who has walked among the vegetable stalls downstairs or sat in one of the yaqona (kava) dens upstairs, the market isn't as spacious or sanitary as it could be. Exhaust fumes from the adjacent bus station buffet the food and juice vendors outside, and at midday the whole area can be overcrowded.

A modern market could alleviate much of this, though one can only hope that the designers at Erasito Consultants Limited don't come up with some sort of American-style shopping mall devoid of Fijian flavor. Suva already has several of those. Another thing that could go wrong is if the bus station is moved to some inconvenient location on the edge of town. Hopefully, Fiji journalists will be following this story closely and will let us all know if private interests are being served at public expense.

UPDATE: Four years later, the market renovations had still not begun.

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