Tahiti Airport Tax Imposed

The French government has imposed an airport tax of 10 Euro for each passenger boarding an international flight at Papeete. For passengers boarding domestic flights, the tax is 1.5 Euro (or half a Euro on flights to Moorea). French Polynesia's vice president, Jacqui Drollet, protested the tax as an intrusion on the taxation powers of the territorial government, and the territorial assembly has voted unanimously against it on two occasions. Unless France relents, the days of the tax-free stopover in Papeete are over.

France recently inflicted a second major blow to tourism in their South Pacific colony by vetoing territorial legislation which would have allowed foreigners to marry in French Polynesia with a minimal waiting period. At present, a certificate of residency for one month is required, cutting French Polynesia out of the highly lucrative marriage tourism business. Instead, the territory is marketed as a "honeymoon destination" and non-binding resort weddings and "renewals of vows" are performed at places like Moorea's Tiki Village Theater.

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