Tribe Wanted Fiji

Tribe WantedFrom Monday, June 26, 2006, the 770 current members of tribewanted will be able to book their stays on "Adventure Island" in Fiji. Tribewanted is a brilliant timeshare concept invented by two young Brits, Ben Keene and Mark James. The project focuses on tiny Vorovoro Island next to Mali Island, just off Labasa, Vanua Levu, Fiji. The world's fifth longest barrier reef, the Great Sea Reef, is nearby. Australian private island specialist Cheyenne Morrison was instrumental in locating Vorovoro.

To join tribewanted costs US$220 a year for one to three years. Each tribe member gets a one-week all inclusive stay on the island for each year of their membership, airport transfers from Labasa, the right to vote online on tribal issues, certificates, and souvenirs. A substantial portion of the money collected goes to community projects on islands all around Vorovoro, so the project has the full support of local chiefs and the Fiji Government. Tribewanted has a membership ceiling of 5,000 and up to 100 members may be on the island at any one time.

The first group is scheduled to arrive on Vorovoro on September 1, 2006, and there is bound to be considerable media coverage as tribewanted is a first which is sure to attract many imitators. National Geographic will be there. By joining before Monday, you can be part of this historic event. Frankly, at under US$32 a day for room and board on a paradise island plus unlimited virtual community fun, I think it's an excellent deal. Visit the tribe's very professionally designed website for details. Weekly TV videos of events on "Adventure Island" will begin appearing in September.

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