Across Asia by Bicycle

Fellow Moon Handbooks author Bill Weir is currently in China on an incredible one-year bicycle ride. As he goes, Bill sends reports of his adventures to family and friends, including me. You can read them too on One Year in Asia.

In the 339 days from September 15, 2005, Bill Weir has peddled an amazing 13,646 kilometers from the Indian Himalaya and Thailand to Central Asia. He's currently in China's westernmost city after almost six months of cycling across that vast country. In the next few days Bill will continue west into Kyrgyzstan via the Irkeshtam Pass.

Eventually, he'll return to the States to prepare new editions of his Grand Canyon and Arizona guidebooks, I hope. I wish Bill Weir - one of the great American travelers and explorers of our time - a rewarding and safe trip.

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