Air Tahiti Nui Goes Global

Air Tahiti NuiAir Tahiti Nui is offering a round-the-world fare in conjuction with Emirates Airlines. Thus far it's only mentioned on the airline's Australian and New Zealand websites, priced at $2,499 Australian or $3,317 New Zealand plus tax in economy class. This fare allows up to six free stops over a 12-month period with travel in one direction only. All round-the-world routings are via either Los Angeles or New York, with possible stops in places like Papeete, Paris, Hamburg, Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland.

Air Tahiti Nui's round-the-world fare is currently only sold in Australia, New Zealand, and French Polynesia. If and when it becomes available in the United States, routings via Japan may be possible as Air Tahiti Nui connects with Emirates Airlines in Osaka. I flew Emirates to Dubai, Doha, Bahrain, and Muscat in February and the service was great. The service on Air Tahiti Nui is also good.

Unfortunately, Canada can't be included in these round-the-world routings. I've written to Air Tahiti Nui management and the Minister of Tourism in Papeete suggesting they launch nonstop flights from Papeete to Vancouver and got the reply that they were studying the route's viability. At present, all travelers between Canada and the South Pacific (including Australia and New Zealand) must connect through Honolulu or Los Angeles which can be a hassle due to stringent American immigration and security controls (fingerprinting, retina scanning, racial profiling, etc). A direct Papeete-Vancouver-Paris routing on Air Tahiti Nui would eliminate that.

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