Hibiscus Festival, Suva, Fiji

Albert Park in Fiji's capital, Suva, will host the Hibiscus Festival from 18-26 August 2006. The original Hibiscus festival was held in 1956, so this will be its 50th anniversary (and the first of its kind in four years). As is usually the case at such festivals in Fiji, there will be an amusement park, food stalls, and dozens of stands with local businesses selling clothes, electrical goods, etc.

A highlight this year will be the Mardi Gras along Victoria Parade next to the park on the evening of Friday, August 18. On Saturday, August 19, there will be a performance at the grandstand by a Bollywood personality from India and others. Also on the agenda is the Miss Hibiscus Pageant, with the winners receiving free tickets to fly Air Pacific to Los Angeles, Tokyo, Auckland, and Sydney, to promote tourism to Fiji, of course.

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