Our Airline Air Nauru

On September 4th, 2006, Air Nauru will officially become Our Airline with twice weekly flights from Brisbane to Nauru, Tarawa, and Majuro. The rebranding comes as Our Airline brings into service its new 130-seat Boeing 737-300 aircraft, purchased in June with financial assistance from Taiwan.

Since December, 2005, when Air Nauru's previous Boeing 737 was seized by creditors at Melbourne, Australia, the company has been using a Fokker F100 Twinjet chartered from Alliance Airlines of Townsville, Australia. The weekly flights were from Brisbane (Australia) to Honiara (Solomon Islands), Nauru (Republic of Nauru), and Tarawa (Republic of Kiribati).

The new Our Airline schedule, which takes effect on September 4th, drops Honiara as a destination and replaces it with Majuro in the Marshall Islands. The flights will depart Brisbane on Monday at 6am and Thursday at 30 minutes past midnight. On both services, the aircraft will overnight at Majuro, taking off for the return to Australia at 8am on Tuesday and Friday.

It remains to be seen whether Air Nauru/Our Airline will be able to reclaim its previous route from Tarawa to Nadi, Fiji, which it lost to Air Pacific when its original plane was impounded. Last year Air Pacific began calling at Christmas Island, Kiribati's only other international airport, on its way to/from Hawaii. Air Pacific's ambition of becoming the South Pacific regional carrier is well known and it's unlikely they'll surrender their Tarawa route easily.

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