Shipwreck at Rotuma, Fiji

In June the interisland ferry Bulou-ni-ceva was thrown up onto a reef at Rotuma Island, 465 kilometers north of the rest of Fiji. Fuel in the stranded vessel is now threatening to spill out and contaminate Rotuma's pristine reefs. The ship's owners, Kadavu Holdings, have declared their inability to remove the oil until their insurance claim is processed, and that could take months. The Fiji Government may be forced to foot the bill.

The Bulou-ni-ceva is a former Chinese riverboat which usually shuttled between Suva and Kadavu. Once a month, the Bulou-ni-ceva would make the two-day trip to Rotuma. At last report another company, Western Shipping, was still operating the Cagi Mai Ba from Suva to Rotuma, also once a month. The Sinu-i-wasa Dua of Venu Shipping Limited has taken over the Suva to Kadavu run.

UPDATE: Andrew Tinker of Workboats Fiji reports that the Bulou-ni-ceva has been sunk without incident and the mess cleared up.

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