Suwarrow Cook Islands Expedition

The Rarotonga-based adventure cruise company Pacific Expeditions has scheduled a Suwarrow National Park Expedition for January, 2007. The two-week voyage aboard the research vessel Bounty Bay will visit Rakahanga, Suwarrow, and Palmerston in the remote Northern Group of the Cook Islands. Participants will fly from Rarotonga to Manihiki to join the ship for the cruise back to Rarotonga. Three days will be spent on Suwarrow and two on Palmerston - islands accessible only by sea.

I've discussed Pacific Expeditions' tours to Pitcairn elsewhere on this blog. When I was in Papeete last month I happened to meet one of the crew members from the Bounty Bay who was on her way to Mangareva to join the vessel. From what she told me, it all sounded great and I was sorry I didn't have the time to go with them to Pitcairn. Some day!

The announcement of the Suwarrow National Park Expedition on the Pacific Expeditions website quotes a price of US$2,200. That sounds pretty reasonable to me, although the US$425 Air Rarotonga flight to Manihiki is not included. This cruise looks like a memorable trip!

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