Cook Islands Resorts For Sale

The Manuia Beach Boutique Hotel at Arorani on the west side of Rarotonga, Cook Islands, is up for sale at NZ$5.3 million. For guests, the Manuia Beach's 24 rooms start at NZ$370 per couple per night, but you can usually get a much cheaper "walk-in" rate when they have vacancies (children under 12 are not accepted). There's a nice swimming pool and restaurant right on the beach where island night dancing takes place on Saturdays.

Potential investors should also consider buying Shangri-La Beach Cottages which is currently available for NZ$3 million. Shangri-La is on a far better beach than Manuia, on the eastern side of Rarotonga at Muri Beach, and the 12 units are all freestanding, not the duplexes you get at the Manuia. Shangri-La doesn't have a restaurant but there is a nice swimming pool. The rooms rent at NZ$250 a night, reduced to NZ$165 if you book ahead through the website (no children under 18).

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