Rapa Nui, Island of Memory

Rapa Nui, Island of MemoryThe Easter Island Foundation has just brought out a new book by Georgia Lee, Rapa Nui, Island of Memory. Included are numerous photos documenting island life over the last 25 years. These and the many personal anecdotes make Rapa Nui, Island of Memory easy reading.

This is certainly no dry academic paper on Easter Island archaeology. Lee gives contemporary islanders and their little town Hanga Roa almost as much prominence as the intriguing monuments left behind by their ancestors. We meet Luz Mercedes, a personification of the strongly independent Polynesian matriarch, the storyteller Eduardo who guided Prince Philip, and Old Francisco who told all on a Chilean talk show.

Rapa Nui, Island of Memory is probably the best travel guide to Easter Island currently available. Of course, it doesn't list hotels and restaurants, but you won't find better background reading. It's a truly exceptional piece of travel writing and photojournalism, and I recommend it highly.

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