Survivor Vanau Levu Fiji?

The Fiji Times reports that scouts for the CBS reality TV show Survivor are currently in Labasa checking out Vanua Levu as a possible venue for next years series. The current series filmed on Aitutaki in the Cook Islands began being shown to millions of American television viewers last week. Survivor Aitutaki has generated controversy as the 20 contestants were split into four racially-segregated "tribes" vying for the US$1 million grand prize. These are early days and the exact location of the next Survivor location won't be publicly announced until next May.

Another reality living experiment was launched on September 1, 2006, on tiny Vorovoro Island just off Labasa. Unlike Survivor, which is only for a handful of selected Americans, Tribe Wanted is open to anyone willing to pay US$220 to join. That covers a one-week stay on Vorovoro, plus the right to vote online on tribal issues. This project may have been what attracted the Survivor scouts to Vanua Levu in the first place.

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