BBC World Conservation Competition

Beqa Adventure Divers is one of the 12 finalists from 900 entries in the BBC World Conservation Competition. Based at the Lagoon Resort at Pacific Harbour, Beqa Adventure Divers offers shark diving in the Beqa Lagoon south of Viti Levu. Through their efforts, a Shark Reef Marine Reserve has been established on the edge of Beqa Passage. The idea is to use scuba diving revenue from the "Big Fish Encounter" to involve local villagers in this project by funding village educational projects and training locals as park wardens. The "Shark Park" is an interesting project, and I voted for it on the World Challenge Vote Form. If you'd also like to vote for conservation in Fijian waters, you must do so by November 19, 2006.

Another unique development at Pacific Harbour is The Uprising Beach Resort which will be opening soon. Unlike virtually every other budget budget place to stay at Pacific Harbour, The Uprising is right on the beach. They'll be offering a range of accommodations, from attractive thatched beach bure $145 Fijian for up to four persons to a 30-bed dormitory at $30 Fijian per person and a campground at $15 per tent. "The Projects" is one of Fiji's first purpose-designed campgrounds. Many other backpacker resorts around Fiji allow camping on the lawn, but few of them have taken the trouble to build special toilet and washing facilities or to provide seating just for the campers! All the usual flashpacker watersports and entertainment will be laid on at The Uprising, and it should be a really fun place to stay. It's on the beach just east of the Arts Village.

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