Clint Eastwood Estate in Fiji

Hollywood actor Mel Gibson's 2004 purchase of Mago Island in Fiji's Lau Group for US$14.8 million has received considerable attention. What's less known is that actor/director Clint Eastwood owns a 325-hectare estate on Koro Island in the Lomaiviti Group. Eastwood has never been to Koro and his property is still virgin rainforest. It's rumored that the land was purchased as an investment and that Clint doesn't even know he owns it! The Eastwood Estate does include a great beach and one day it may be graced by a five-star resort. The name Clint Eastwood certainly would be a powerful draw, the way the name Cousteau has been a successfully exploited on Vanua Levu.

If you've got US$25,000 to spare, you can count yourself among Clint Eastwood's neighbors. Residential lots are for sale at Koro Seaview Estate adjacent to the Eastwood property. Sound interesting? Check things out in person by booking yourself into the Koro Beach Resort just across the bay from Seaview Estate (also known as Dere Bay). At the moment there's a sale on and it only costs $100 Fijian per person per night to stay at Koro Beach including all meals.

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