Fijian Village Homestays Fiji

When I first visited Fiji way back in the late 1970s, there weren't many places to stay in rural areas. So while traveling around the country researching the first edition of Moon Handbooks South Pacific, I often stayed in Fijian villages. I got into the habit of having a bundle of kava roots in my backpack for the traditional welcoming ceremony known as the sevusevu.

These days, backpacker hostels and resorts are scattered all around Fiji, so it's no longer necessary to stay in villages while touring the country. Consequently, far fewer visitors do so. That's rather a pity as the only way to connect with "real Fijian life" on the local level is to stay overnight in a Fijian village.

Fortunately, there's now a website, Fijian Village Homestays, which makes staying in villages very easy to arrange. The site offers a choice of six villages on Viti Levu, two on Beqa, another two in the Yasawas, and one on Vanua Levu. Ample photos and information on the accommodations and activities are provided. The prices at all participating village guest houses are fixed at $70 Fijian per adult or $35 Fijian per child under 13 including all meals and a few activities (many other village-based activities are offered at reasonable prices). This program is outstanding and I recommend it highly.

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