Tonga Island Real Estate

Real estate sales to foreigners are booming in Fiji, especially around Savusavu where many Americans have purchased sites for their dream homes. As the old coconut plantations go bust due to low copra prices, the wily planters get rich by subdividing their freehold properties for sale to willing buyers. Similar schemes exist on Taveuni.

The craze has now spread to Tonga where Olivia and Nesha Rosic have recently launched Tonga Island Real Estate. Their business plan is simple: "Our mission is to move Tonga from 'Backpackers are the way to go' to the tourism, golf, and residential property development country that Tonga has the potential to be."

Most of the properties listed on Olivia and Nesha's site are leasehold rather than freehold, which means that you pay a certain amount down and then an annual fee for the term of the lease. Most of the leases are for 50 years, far more than many of us require. That makes getting in much cheaper than if you were to buy a property outright. Another plus is that most of the listings on Tonga Island Real Estate are at Vavau, the Tongan equivalent of Savusavu. If you were looking for your little corner of paradise, this may be it.

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