Sunset Point Labyrinth Fiji

The Sunset Point Labyrinth on Nananu-i-Ra Island off northern Viti Levu is the only one of its kind in Fiji. This unique formation was created in 2004 by Ed Morris, a past International President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and longtime Fiji resident. Ed and Betty Morris own the five hectares known as Sunset Point adjacent to MacDonald's Nananu Beach Cottages, and the labyrinth tops the peninsula with excellent views in all directions.

The building of labyrinths dates back to medieval Europe when many of the continent's Gothic churches incorporated a labyrinth in their design. A labyrinth's many turns and reversals symbolize the constant changes which are part of life, and by following the pattern one obtains universal insights and gains self-knowledge. Visitors who have stood on the central stone of the Sunset Point Labyrinth report feeling a counterclockwise spiral motion coming from the earth.

Ed Morris enjoys showing visitors how to meditate while walking the 15-meter diameter labyrinth. Shoes must be removed before entering the Fiji labyrinth. Ed's book, Evolution to Sainthood makes excellent preparatory reading.

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