Vanuatu TV Hardline Media

I've just “discovered” a new Vanuatu travel website I'd like to share. Rather than introducing the country through photos and words, Vanuatu TV provides a constant stream of video clips on the lifestyle, accommodations, activities, restaurants, real estate, and business. You're introduced to the tourist sites and activities of Efate, taken on a tour of a few upscale restaurants and resorts, told how Vanuatu real estate is a big bargain, and shown how to become a lifestyle investor by setting up your own business in paradise.

As a travel website, it's brilliant, although as yet, only Efate is included. The site lacks an “About Us” page, so the business plan of the designers is unclear. If Vanuatu TV is subsidized by Vanuatu Tourism or the businesses promoted in the videos, they aren't telling. Both of the presenters, Amelia Armistead and Grant Abbott, are Australians, and it would have been nicer to have ni-Vanuatu hosts introducing us to the country. The site's point of view is entirely Australian, which you may or may not appreciate.

All considered though, the national tourism offices of the various South Pacific countries could take a few lessons on Internet marketing from Vanuatu TV. There's a link on the site to Hardline Media run by Christopher Abbott, and I assume Grant and Chris are available as consultants. Hopefully, we'll be hearing a lot more from them in future.

Regular visitors to this blog will have noticed that I haven't been posting much lately. I'm currently working flat out on new editions of my guides to Fiji and Tahiti and have been trying to avoid getting sidetracked. Please bear with me. I'm resume my daily posts as soon as I get a bit more free time.

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