Recovery Specials to Fiji

Hotels and resorts in Fiji are currently offering significant “recovery specials” to win back business lost after the December 5, 2006, military coup. Although Fiji has remained perfectly safe to visit, some tourists were scared off by politically-motivated “travel advisories” issued in December by the governments of Australia and New Zealand. The "advisories" have now been downgraded and there are bargains out there which aren't going to last forever.

Unless you're on the mailing lists of all the resorts, it can be time consuming, if not impossible, to sift through all the specials available. That's where a good travel agent comes in. And if you live in North America, you'd be hard pressed to find a better agent than Rob Jenneve of Island Adventures Travel. Rob keeps a running list of all the Fiji recovery specials, and he'll be able to put together a package with airfare as low as anything you'll find on the internet, if you tell him that's what you want. In a recent email, Rob said: While we always try to add value via the quality of the experience, there are still many times when we can offer an outright lower price. Rob's phone number in California is tel. 1-800/289-4957, and his service and expertise are always free.

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