Moon Tahiti in October

Moon TahitiI've been correcting the final proofs of the 6th edition of Moon Tahiti due out in October 2007. Like Moon Fiji which is currently at the printers for release in late August, Moon Tahiti has been completely redesigned with most of the introductory material moved to new Background, Essentials, and Resources chapters at the back of the book. Instead, there's a “blue section” in front with practical planning information.

The 6th edition begins with a keynote essay and color photos in Discover Tahiti. The Lay of the Land introduces Tahiti, Moorea, the Leeward Islands, the Austral Islands, the Tuamotu and Gambier Islands, and the Marquesas Islands. Planning Your Trip has advice on when to go and what to take. Explore Tahiti and French Polynesia provides five day-by-day itineraries with individual route maps. All of this is new.

The travel chapters have become more strategic with Must See and Top Pick highlights coded with special symbols on the maps and in the text. Boxes at the beginning of each chapter focus attention on the best of the best. Each chapter also has a new Planning Your Time feature. In Essentials there's now a Tips for Travelers section with specific advice for those interested in study or work, travelers with disabilities or small children, and others with special needs.

All 43 maps in Moon Tahiti have been updated and four new maps have been drawn: town plans of Hauru (Moorea) and Hakahau (Ua Pou) and island maps of Fakarava and Tikehau. Most of the photos in the book have been changed. The web addresses and emails are now embedded in the individual listings.

I should note here that Easter Island and the Cook Islands are no longer included in Moon Tahiti. Since Air New Zealand cancelled their Tahiti to Rarotonga route in April 2007, travel between French Polynesia and the Cook Islands has become a lot more difficult and the rationale behind combining the two destinations in one guidebook no longer exists. I'm looking forward to road testing the new editions of Moon Tahiti and Moon Fiji and I hope that you are too.

UPDATE: The 7th edition of Moon Tahiti was published in 2011. For more information, visit Moon Tahiti.

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