Asia in the Pacific Islands

One of the Pacific's leading academics, Dr. Ron Crocombe, has authored an important new book, Asia in the Pacific Islands: Replacing the West. Crocombe examines a far-reaching transition currently underway in the Pacific Islands which is radically changing the lives of the islanders. In the last 50 years or so, Asia has begun to play a bigger and bigger role in all aspects of island life—migration, trade and investment, aid and development, politics, strategic relations, crime, education and employment, information and media, religion, culture, and sports. It is replacing the West. The process is irreversible.

With his trademark breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding of the region, based on over half a century of expertise, study, and deliberation, Ron Crocombe documents the early connections between Asia and the Pacific, details recent and continuing changes, and poses challenging theories about the future.

Asia in the Pacific Islands: Replacing the West (ISBN 978-982-02-0388-4) was published in 2007 by IPS Publications at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji. This insightful 644-page publication costs US$49 in paperback and copies can be ordered online through the IPS website.

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