Invest in Tonga

Tonga's first ever MLS (multiple listing service) real estate website has just been launched. Invest in Tonga is the only Tongan owned and operated real estate company based on Vavau. It operates in partnership with expatriate American real estate broker and current Vavau resident Trevor R. Jefferson, who helped found the company and serves as a volunteer realty consultant. Jefferson has authored an eBook, Retiring, Working and Doing Business in Tonga, and his presence on the team has helped in meeting the needs of its largely Western clientele.

Invest in Tonga was formed in Jefferson's front yard after he and local kava farmer and next door neighbor Tevita Falefo'ou had a conversation about how they could help local Tongans who felt they had been cheated by other foreign “commission agents” in town. In short order Invest In Tonga blossomed into one of Tonga's most popular real estate companies, and it now has more property listings in the Vavau island group than any other company.

Tevita Falefo'ou stated, “I had heard that Trevor was a real estate broker back in America and knew that many Tongans had been defrauded in the past by foreign commission agents. So I decided to find out if he was interested in helping those people, and maybe helping me to form a trustworthy real estate company. To my surprise, he not only wanted to help, but he became my best palangi friend as well.”

Jefferson comments, “I simply didn't like hearing stories about Tongans being defrauded, and I definitely didn't like having elderly Tongan landholders showing up on my doorstep at all hours asking me how I could help them get their properties back after being slighted. I came to Tonga to just relax, write a little bit, and spend time with my wife, children, and animals, but I figured since I already had more experience in real estate than anyone in the country, and since I had a lot of contacts that could develop a wonderful website and the like, it would be a good thing to help out Tevita and it might be some fun too. I was right!”

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