Japanese Whaling in Antarctica

Japanese whalerThe Japanese whaling fleet is heading south again with plans to kill over a thousand whales. After worldwide protests, Japan has agreed not to hunt humpback whales this season but the slaughter of minke and other smaller whales continues. Through some twisted logic, the Japanese claim this hunt is being done in the name of “scientific research.” In fact, that's just a smokescreen to get past a moratorium on commercial whaling approved by the International Whaling Commission years ago.

In my opinion, this barbaric behavior by the Japanese whalers and their government deserves the strongest condemnation. It brings to mind the horrendous atrocities carried out by the Japanese military in Asia and the Pacific islands during World War Two. Of course, the Japanese aren't alone. Canada's annual harp seal hunt in the Gulf of St Lawrence is little better, and both Canadians and Japanese should bow their heads in shame.

For information on the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign for 2007-08, visit Operation Migaloo.

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