Taveuni Admission Fees Jump

The various fees collected at Bouma National Heritage Park on the northeastern side of Taveuni Island in Fiji have increased sharply. Admission to the Tavoro Waterfalls at Bouma is now $12 Fijian, up from $8 last year. The Lavena Coastal Walk (a separate fee) has also jumped from $8 to $12. Shared accommodations at Lavena Lodge have increased from $15 per person to $20 per person.

Several guided tours no longer include roundtrip transfers from the Matei hotels and their prices have been reduced. The Vidawa Forest Hike is now $40 per person including a guide and lunch compared to the previous $60 but without transportation from Matei. Similarly, the Waitabu Marine Park Snorkeling Tour is now $25 per person compared to $50 before when transportation was included.

It's possible to visit the Tavoro Waterfalls by public bus as a daytrip from Matei but to do the Lavena Coastal Walk you'll either have to spend the night at Lavena Lodge or hire a taxi for the day. Rental cars are expensive and hard to find on Taveuni. Full details are in Moon Fiji.

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