Malekula Vanuatu Hiking Trail

I've heard from Noah Thomas, a Peace Corps volunteer living at Lamap on the island of Malekula in Vanuatu. Noah told me about a project in South Malekula which he says was partly inspired by reading Moon Handbooks South Pacific:

“We are currently working on a hiking trail connecting Lamap, Malekula, to Lembinwin, South West Bay. Currently we have marked about 44 miles of the trail with yellow cloth, but we hope in the future to mark the trail with something more permanent and also place signs with distances or places of cultural significance.”

Noah's team has created a website called Malekula Hiking Trail which provides hike fairly detailed descriptions. The ‘Kula Trail passes through the territory of the Small Nambas, a clan which has preserved their traditions better than most other Ni-Vanuatu. Hikers will get a taste of real Vanuatu life while experiencing the rugged beauty of Malekula's south coast.

On a practical note, Air Vanuatu Domestic has scheduled flights to Lamap from Port Vila on Mondays and Thursdays. Flights to Wintua Airstrip at South West Bay are operated on a charter basis only. To walk out, one would have to do as Noah's team did and swing north to Dixon Reef where there are trucks to Lakatoro near Malekula's main airport. Bring adequate supplies with you from Port Vila as very little is available at Lamap.

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