TripAdvisor Censorship?

The Beat of Hawaii Blog carries allegations of censorship by the popular travel website TripAdvisor which purports to provide “unbiased hotel reviews, photos and travel advice.” In Can You Trust TripAdvisor? Rob and Jeff write:

“I'm having a difficult time wearing the free hat that Trip Advisor sent me with its, “Get the truth, then go,” slogan. The problem is I no longer feel that I can always trust their site. After posting many reviews on TripAdvisor, in November they declined to publish my negative review of the Pacific Monarch Hotel in Honolulu. I submitted the same review twice for publication. Both times I was told by Trip Advisor that my writing “did not meet review criteria.” Conflict of Interest? TripAdvisor is owned by Expedia which markets Resort Quest properties that include the Pacific Monarch Hotel. While it may just be a coincidence, is it in their best interest to publish a negative review? Apparently, not always.” During most of 2007, all of the Pacific Monarch reviews were above average. I stayed there November 2007. How many other negative reviews, in addition to mine, were denied publication during this time period?”

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