Tonga-Samoa Now Online

Tonga-Samoa HandbookThe complete text of Tonga-Samoa Handbook is now freely accessible on Google Books. You can scroll through all 321 pages, or use the "Contents" button to jump directly to a specific chapter. You can search inside the book, or reach the index by typing 315 in the "Page" box and clicking enter. When you've found a topic you want to check, type the specific page number in the "Page" box again and click enter to go to the exact spot.

Be aware, however, that this first edition dates from 1999. Much of the background information on Tonga, Samoa, American Samoa, and Niue is still relevant, but some of the practical information is now outdated. Unfortunately, sales of Tonga-Samoa Handbook were low due to the limited market and I was unable to convince Moon Handbooks to produce a second edition. For more recent hotel and restaurant listings from the same countries, consult the 2004 edition of Moon Handbooks South Pacific which is also on Google Books. Both guidebooks have found a second life on the web.

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