Zip Fiji Takes Off

Pacific Harbour on the south coast of Viti Levu, Fiji, is a world class scuba diving and whitewater rafting center. Now Zip Fiji is offering 1.5-hour rides on a series of eight cable runs through the rainforest canopy. Clients securely attacked to lines up to 200 meters long can attain speeds of 60 kilometers an hour as they zip between platforms from seven to 45 meters high. This sport was invented in Costa Rica, and in 2008 Zip Fiji became the first canopy tour operator in the South Pacific. The rides take place at Wainadoi village, 20 km east of Pacific Harbour, and transportation from the Arts Village is included in the $120 Fijian price ($60 for children under 12). You can save 10 percent by booking online through the website. There are six tours a day and it's quite a thrill.

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