Tutuila American Samoa Restaurants

Tutuila, the main island of American Samoa, may not be the gourmet capital of the South Pacific but there's no shortage of places to eat. Aside from the usual American fast food chains, your main source of fried, high-sodium, and high-cholesterol Samoan fast food are the eateries around Fagatogo Market. The Waterfront Restaurant (Monday-Saturday 0600-1700, Saturday 0600-1500), nearby on the water side of Fagatogo Square, is fast food heaven, with nachos, fried chicken, fish and chips, hamburgers, ice cream, and coffee. About the best little fast food place with point and shoot ordering is Xin Hua across from the telephone building in Fagatogo. Judy, the owner, runs a nice operation and at US$3.45 she has absolutely the best shrimp plate in town. One of the only places in Fagatogo to get a coffee on Sunday morning is the gas station diagonally opposite the Sadie Thompson Inn. It also sells huge ice cream cones.

Tutuila's top place to eat is Sadie's Restaurant (daily 0600-1400/1800-2200), below the Sadie Thompson Inn just west of the market. Dinner will set you back a lot farther than lunch. Sook's Sushi (Monday-Saturday 0930-2130), opposite the Sadie Thompson Inn, specializes in Japanese and Korean dishes like spicy fish soup (US$11) and sashimi (US$16). Evie's Cantina (Tuesday-Friday 1100-1400/1730-2200, Saturday and Sunday 1730-2100), at the Motu O Fiafiaga Motel in Pago Pago village, dishes out some of the tastiest Mexican food in the South Pacific, plus karaoke nightly and a feature film with Sunday dinner. Avoid Evie's if you're a non-smoker. Don't Drink The Water (weekdays 0630-1500, Saturday 0700-1230), at Pago Plaza, is a friendly internet cafe serving breakfast for under US$5 and lunch for around US$7. Check out the sinfully rich deserts.

Away from the harbor area, there are several places along the highway at Nuuuli. Sunny's Chinese Restaurant (Monday-Saturday 1000-2200, Sunday 1000-1400 and 1700-2200) is east of the turnoff to the airport in Nu'uuli. Chinese dishes cost $7-8 while the seafood is $11-13. Hong Kong House (Monday-Saturday 1000-2200, Sunday 1600-2100), east of Sunny's, is nicely decorated and the menu is impressive. Rubbles Tavern (Monday-Saturday1030-2300), at Nu'uuli next to Transpac, is an air-conditioned Samoan-American sports bar. Steaks, burgers, wings, and nachos are on the medium-priced menu. Weekdays from 1600-1800 is happy hour and Sundays from 1100-1400 there's a Samoan buffet at US$15. Your best bet for breakfast is Mrs. Paul's Island Delites (weekdays 0700-1400, Saturday 0700-1200), a small family restaurant in Nu'uuli almost opposite Tropik-Traders. For breakfast there's steak and eggs (US$8), omelettes (US$5), and hotcakes (US$4), while lunch is fried or curry chicken (US$6), burgers (US$4-5), chop suey (US$2 a scoup), and other local favorites.

Mom's Place (Monday-Wednesday 0600-1800, Thursday and Friday 0600-2000, Saturday 0600-1400), at the Tafuna Industrial Park, is easily the best breakfast place on the island (under US$5). Lunch and dinner of burgers, fish and chips, noodles, and sandwiches are generally under US$7.

The Deluxe Café (Monday-Saturday 0700-1400, Sunday 0900-1400), in Ottoville next to Cost-U-Less and only a five-minute walk from the Tradewinds Hotel, is a typical American-style diner serving a good breakfast for US$8. Their generous lunches are medium priced at US$7-13. The locals call it the "Samoan Denny's." The Equator Restaurant (daily 0630-1030/1130-1530/1730-2100) at the Tradewinds Hotel has a fiafia buffet and show on Friday nights. There's also the Goat Island Café at Sadie's by the Sea, the old Rainmaker Hotel at Ululei.

Most places provide the standard "bottomless" cup of coffee dear to American hearts. The “Special Export Lager” variety of Vailima beer sold in American Samoa has an alcohol content of 6.7 percent by volume. The listings above are updated from the 8th edition of Moon Handbooks South Pacific.

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