2009 Pitcairn Island Tours

Pitcairn Island Boat ShedBetween January and March, 2009, the Research Vessel Bounty Bay will make five visits to Pitcairn Island via Mangareva Island in French Polynesia. Since there's no airport on Pitcairn, this is about the only way to get there. Cruise ships sometimes advertise Pitcairn Island visits, but at best their passengers get only a couple of hours on Pitcairn, and if the weather is at all bad, they can't land at all. In contrast, those booking passage on the MV Bounty Bay through Pacific Expeditions Ltd get a week or more ashore. A sidetrip to Henderson Island from Pitcairn is included in the tour. Prices range from US$2,900 to US$3,600 depending on the length of the cruise, and room and board with a local family on Pitcairn is US$70 extra per person per night. The flight from Tahiti to Mangareva where one boards the ship also costs extra. The RV Bounty Bay carries only 12 passengers and one of the five departures is already fully booked. This is something for the person who thinks they've seen and done everything.

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