Lapita Voyage to Tikopia

From November, 2008, to April, 2009, a major expedition called Lapita Voyage will follow the migration route of the ancient Polynesians. The expedition's two catamarans will sail 6,000 kilometers east from the Philippine island of Panglao to Tikopia in the Solomon Islands. Modern navigational aids will not be used. Instead, traditional Polynesian navegational methods of following the sun, stars, winds, waves and birds will be followed throughout. This project has been initiated by James Wharram and Hanneke Boon, the catamaran designers, and Klaus Hympendahl, a German writer on maritime subjects. At the end of the six-month journey, the catamarans will be presented to the people of Anuta and Tikopia. The group's website contains a great deal of information on ancient Polynesian migration techniques.

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