Which Country is the Best?

I agree with these comments which I recently received from a reader: “If one is interested in culture and authentic village life...Samoa is the best! If one wants that, plus relaxation and/or activities, Fiji is best. If one wants to lie on the beach then Fiji or, if he has money, French Polynesia could be recommended. If one wants adventure off the beaten track then the Solomons is the place. If one wants a good value comfortable holiday, then Cook Islands is another option after Fiji. If one wants to travel to another planet, then Easter Island is that planet! A comparison of costs in the various countries is also useful. I met a young New Zealand girl who went to Tonga because the airfare was cheaper than going to Fiji…only to discover that what she saved on air travel was more than offset by what she was paying for accommodation. Fiji ought to be recommended as the first destination for everybody with Samoa as the next choice.”

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