Solomon Islands Exporting Dolphins

Solomon Islands is back in the dolphin exporting business with 11 more bottlenose dolphins being sent to the Philippines where they'll be trained to perform at a theme park in Singapore. This is on top of the seven other dolphins sent overseas in recent months. The Ministries of Fisheries and Conservation in Honiara allows up to 100 dolphins a year to be exported by five license holders. No research is carried out to judge how these exports will affect wild dolphin populations in the Solomon Islands and the whole whole affair is just another example of how the Solomon Islands Government allows foreigners to rip off the country's natural resources irregardless of the impact. The country's rainforests are routinely raped by foreign loggers with the active cooperation of government officials who aren't above pocketing large bribes. In 2006 Solomon Islands voted against the establishment of a South Pacific Whale Sanctuary and in support of Japanese whaling at a meeting of the International Whaling Commission. It's too bad the Solomon Islands Government doesn't seem to care about animal welfare or their own environment.

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