Suva Tourist Office Closes

Regular visitors to Fiji will be saddened to hear that the landmark Suva office of the Fiji Visitors Bureau, now known as Tourism Fiji, has closed. The defunct FVB Suva office was housed in the historic customs house dating from 1912 and it's still not clear what the future holds for the building. The location at the head of Victoria Parade across the street from Suva's General Post Office made it a convenient place for visitors to pick up brochures and ask questions. Now they'll be dependent on hotel brochure racks for such supplies.

Tourism Fiji seems to be trying to avoid you. The FVB information office at Nadi International Airport closed a few years ago and the only public Tourism Fiji office still extant is upstairs in Colonial Plaza between downtown Nadi and the airport. Few tourists pass that way and the office is hard to find so the staff inside aren't likely to be called upon to answer questions very often. Marketing Fiji to the tourist trade is their primary mission and you should request their brochures from one of their overseas offices before leaving home.

Be aware that virtually all of the well marked “tourist information offices” you see around Nadi are commercial travel agencies which provide biased information about their own products. They'll claim not to know about any hotels which aren't paying them a commission. For the full picture bring a copy of Moon Fiji to the islands with you as the guides aren't usually sold there.

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