Is Sikaiana Sinking?

It's an inconvenient truth that rising sea levels caused by climate change will render most of the coral atolls of the Pacific uninhabitable by the end of this century. Whole countries like Tuvalu, Kiribati, and Marshall Islands may have to be evacuated. Some atolls are already experiencing flooding as high tides or waves send water flowing right across islands that are less than five meters above sea level at their highest points.

In the Solomon Islands, the isolated Polynesia outliers of Ontong Java and Sikaiana are currently in dire need of emergency aid after high waves contaminated the local food gardens with salt water, leading to famine in these subsistence micro-economies. The 500 inhabitants of Sikaiana are now hungry and homeless. Sikaiana consists of four small reef islets around a triangular lagoon. There's no anchorage, and access is by small boat through the surf. Getting supplies to these people isn't easy, especially in a land of limited resources like the Solomon Islands. In this forgotten corner of the Pacific, the carbon emissions of the affluent are taking their toll.

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