In January the official website of the Moon Handbooks series,, was relaunched with lots of new material on Mexico, Central America, and South America. The site is especially strong on activities, and there are precise 21-day road trips to Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, and Baja California. Several Moon authors have blogs on the site, focusing on Guatemala, Costa Rica, Cuba, Belize, and South America. The maps section has lots of related guidebook maps you can download or print.

In future, Avalon Travel Publishing intends to produce most of its print guidebooks and their online renditions simultaneously, but in 2009 the emphasis will be on extending the geographic range of, beginning with the United States. The editorial department will be converting content selected for the Destination channel, while the marketing department will be inviting authors to augment the Blog channel.

Publisher Bill Newlin says, "The early traffic reports are enormously encouraging, and we anticipate that online presentation of Moon travel content, and the new content management system that powers it, will be a central component of our branding and sales strategy going forward."

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