Adventures of Walt Christophersen

By Ship, Train, Bus, Plane & Sometimes Hitchhiking During the 1980s Walt Christophersen worked in Europe as a television journalist and later he wrote a memoir titled A Temporary European about those times. Christophersen’s second book takes us back to the 1960s and 1970s as he travels the world By Ship, Train, Bus, Plane & Sometimes Hitchhiking. The story begins in Micronesia and the South Pacific with an account of sailing around the Marshall Islands, Yap, and Fiji on copra boats. The last third of the book is the story of his overland journey from Beirut to Tokyo.

Imagine sailing through the outer islands of Yap for three weeks on a 178-foot copra boat, exploring atolls most tourists have never heard of, all for a fare of $56.60. An extra $5 a day bought you endless meals of corned beef and rice. There was no charge for the shower, which was turned off for 12 days to save water. That’s how it was in the early 1970s as Walt hopscotched his way across the Pacific, recording his experiences for the Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Toronto Star, Los Angeles Times, and San Francisco Examiner.

Readers of By Ship, Train, Bus, Plane & Sometimes Hitchhiking tag along as he thumbs his way around Tahiti, attends a royal birthday party in Tonga, and surveys war debris on the shattered island of Peliliu. Christophersen’s affinity for ships also leads him to other parts of the world, including cruises down the Amazon and up the coast of Norway. His longest journey was a nonstop seven-month overland odyssey from Beirut to Tokyo via Afghanistan at peace and Vietnam at war. By Ship, Train, Bus, Plane & Sometimes Hitchhiking is available in a Kindle edition as well as paperback.